Anisha Saigal

Pop-culture omnivore. Entertainment and culture writer for now; publishing in the past. Retirement in the future.

I binge watch internet TV; sometimes it turns out to be solid, the kind that makes you want to talk about it to a stranger at a bar, most other times it is cringeworthy to the point that it makes you want to pour Harpic in your eyes. Somehow, most of it classifies as "research" for my ongoing Ph.D. You get a recommendation and I get work done. Harpic, if you're reading this, sponsor me. There's a lot of scope for product placement in the stuff I stream.



Current Obsessions

  • Attempting to find the perfect shade of brown lipstick in matte from Fenty.


  • Film: Chungking Express

  • Smile: Daniel Ricciardo

  • Instagram account: @boyswithplants

  • Gallagher brother : Liam

  • Dating app: Twitter

  • Celebrity Forearms: Toto Wolff

In search of

  • Industrial grade cuddles.

Best tips

  • Ramesh Taurani's Race. If you know, you know.